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About Us

Nearly a decade Everything was just an idea, and today a large number of Belgrade City unthinkable without their kind of “room for everyone”. Although fairly vague, perhaps it is the most rewarding epithet which to the layman me someone whose leg had never set foot in a supermarket explain what he really stands for. A place where you come shopping, PO pleasure, PO Ideas, one of those on which you will not be bored, Taman spent the whole day there, because you’ll most likely see and experience dozens of things that until then did not have a chance to get to know.

Officially, the original supermarket was founded in 2008 in the area of ​​the former socialist-era style. Creative studio Re: Miks, who was responsible for the idea that I was greatly involved in its transition to a “Living Things”, decided to Industrial Design, I’m probably due to the fact that the original building was full just such elements. So you might wonder whether you will step into the toilet or lift door at the entrance because these rooms, and if you found a store concept that you are looking or have wandered into some gallery or industrial warehouses.

Over time, I became a supermarket brand, and as a result of recognition beyond the borders of Serbia and the demand for pleasure extending created a series of new actions around Belgrade, the Balkans and Europe.

The first “Deca” initial supermarkets were born in 2013.

Supermarket Deli Today Topličin wreath adorned with such happiness phenomenal meal I’m innovative drinks, and is primarily focused on catering. However, Delhi has been recognized as a place where you can find quality wines from Europe and the Council of drinks and food that will be hard to look at conventional retail chains.

That same year, the supermarket is their business ideas and “down” to the Adriatic, and the picturesque Porto Montenegro dawned a new member of this yellow and black families. Due to the fact that the idea for the first time appeared on the Montenegrin market, new concept stores bore the name of Supermarket GORE 2016. I celebrated three years of existence.

Meanwhile, one of the world capitals of Europe I received your Supermarket. A logical continuation of the current idea of ​​the creators of this store concept has been to let the van borders of the Balkans, and the new action on this originally appeared Belgrade Brenda’m in Berlin! In the spirit of the German capital, a supermarket in the new project put emphasis on individuality itself a specialty, and the majority of things in there that you can buy or experience part of the limited series in the context of its brands. No food is no different – Wide range of offers should satisfy every taste. The offer includes specialties from Asia, South America or Europe – only choose Continent.

How good ideas and hedonism do not recognize borders, and supermarket does not intend to stop the spread of the same. A year ago, precisely in 2015, I Zemun, like Dorćola I Toplicin wreath got its store concept and once again the room is a big trump creative studio Re: Mix. On the right bank of the Danube, in the traditional Zemun house that resembles Sam occurrence of one of the oldest parts of the city is located supermarket Taraz. Like the rest of the family, Taraz I unexpectedly also connects the seemingly incompatible. On the same site you will see Salonski furniture SA Profit 20th century reminiscent of Belgrade from some other time and a statue of Buddha as “spice” to the east. On your plate will find specialties of mussels or fish of the Danube, while the friend next to you to try ribs or homemade ice cream. In addition to all this, of course, you’ll be able to markets colorful objects – from books to trifle ideal for gift loved ones. No music will be something already seen if you visit the Taraz – they’ll be light tones of classical music, and rhythm Fanka or electro pop that will not let you sit down for a moment.

Supermarket always keeps up with time itself is changed for the better. So recently, specifically in April this year, the Pioneer Supermarkets SA corners Visnjic I Strahinjića Bana found his new address. Part of what you’re used to the old, today you can find in Uzun Mirkova street, a few steps away from Kalemegdan. However, if you expect everything to be the same as the old, well-known city – deceive you! There awaits something that you have not seen in this family concept stores. First of all, new brands, new ideas and creators, similar and yet so different interior design, but also offer modified food and drinks that you have never tried it in one of your favorite supermarket.

From 1 September 2016 Supermarket concept store in line with global trends and the growing need for Internet shopping, getting its new form – supermarket online, and so, with the first conceptual network of action in Serbia, led again I innovate. I’m interesting colorful Supermarket and other shops online action will force you to be entertained for hours searching’m taking in, I allow you to buy just what you’re looking for right from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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